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Central Wisconsin Radio Amateurs, Ltd.


Club Station WB9QFW QSL card

The picture on the left (or top) is the club's radio station WB9QFW.

The picture on the right (or bottom) is the club's QSL card.

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Next regular club meeting:
Wednesday, September 7, 2016....at the Collins Classroom Center in Room 106 at 7:00 PM.
You can park in Lot E. The Collins Classroom Center is building number 7 on the attached map.

Click here for a map of where the meeting room is.

Click here for the minutes from the last meeting.

Click here for the minutes from past meetings.

Click here for information about W5YI Volunteer Examinations.

Click here for information about the 50th Annual Wisconsin State/Regional Water Ski Show Championships.

The Central Wisconsin Radio Amateurs, LTD Fun Net is held every Tuesday evening at 8:00 P.M. local time on the 146.985 Mhz repeater.
(146.670 Mhz is the backup if needed).

Everyone is welcome!

Portage County Central Wisconsin Radio Amateurs LTD Fun Net Script

The Portage County Central Wisconsin Radio Amateurs LTD Fun Net will begin in a few minutes. [Pause]

Good evening and welcome to the Portage County Wisconsin, Central Wisconsin Radio Amateurs LTD Fun Net. This is a controlled net and meets every Tuesday evening at 8 PM local time on this 146.985 Mhz repeater. In the event of a repeater failure, the net will move to the 146.670 Mhz repeater.

All operators in the county and surrounding area are welcome to participate.

When checking in say my call,_________, un-key the mic, listen for doubling, and wait for the repeater to reset. Then slowly say you call, your name and location, if you are a Club member, if you are on commercial or emergency power and if you have traffic.

Your net control station tonight is ______.
My name is ________, and I am located in _______. [Pause briefly]

Is there anyone who wants to check-in, please come now.

[Take a stand-by periodically for more check-ins. After taking check-ins announce any news for the group.]

This concludes tonight's net. I wish to thank all stations for participating; your comments and input is greatly appreciated. The net is now secure at ______ local time and the repeater is returned back to normal amateur use.
This is ______, clear.

[Check-ins can break in with information and can call out of order.]

'100 Watts and a Wire' is a program celebrating amateur radio through the eyes of a 'new' ham. The show will feature topical conversation and interviews, news and an entertaining look at the adventures of a ham trying to figure it all out. We'll explore the interesting layers of this diverse hobby and service. '100 Watts and a Wire' is perfect for those who are new to ham radio, their Elmer’s, the seasoned radio operator and the technically curious crowd. You don't have to spend a fortune to get on the air and have fun! Join Emmy winner Christian Cudnik for an inside a look at the world of amateur radio. In this episode, we officially launch 100 Watts and a Wire!

Join us for a review of Field Day 2015, we explore the growth of the 100 Watts and Wire Facebook group, and make a Special Announcement!

100 watts and a Wire

For prospective hams this might be an interesting venue for learning about our hobby/service.

Ham College TV

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For any questions about ham radio, please call or e-mail:
John Feltz W9JN, President;
Phone Number: 715-457-2506;

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